help havva to go to new york!


Financial Adoption
Can Zina come and sleep at your place? Adopt us and feel lasting change flow through you and me.
You can also adopt us with kind donations: Any amount is welcome, no matter how small.


You can transfer your donation in variety of ways.
  • By one-off payment using an acceptgiro or internet banking transfer.
    Pay the desired amount to NL 64 FTSB 08016 72775
    Account name Stichting ZinaPlatform
    Te Amsterdam
    Use the reference

  • By periodic transfer using Internet banking or using the relevant form from your bank 

  • Do you wish to contribute specifically to future WijkSafaris?
    Please mail or call us for an adoption form or +31 (0)20 5535126

Donate your talent

Use your talent so the Army of Love can get involved in local neighbourhoods everywhere.
If you’ve felt Zina’s effects and you want to pass them on, enter your details and tell us what you’re good at. Zina will get in touch with you and then we’ll go out on the road together!


Masseurs Beauty Verhalen Salon
Massage the hands of audience members while they – cut off from the outside world – listen to an intimate local story.
Hostesses and hosts Tafel van Zina
Come and make snacks, suppers or lunches. Help in the kitchen is always welcome. When it comes to the catering, you’ll welcome guests and serve them food and drinks, then clear and clean the cooker in time for the next Tafel van Zina.

See you soon!